The CREAIMO Project has been presented in ECOMONDO 2020 “the Green technology Expo” Digital Platform

The CREIAMO project was presented in ECOMONDO 2020 Key Energy Digital Platform. Topic: Bioremediation and site requalification. Session: Innovative and sustainable technologies for the remediation of polluted sites: recent developments in national and international applied research.

The results of the synthesis of biosurfactants using winery  residues, were presented on the poster with the title: Sustainable wineries through waste valorisation: Novel biosurfactants (rhamnolipids) for treating Hydrocarbon-contaminated soils

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CREIAMO_Project: Circular Economy in olive oil and wine sectors. Valorisation of by-products and residues through innovative processes and new business models.  Partner: University of Brescia  – University of Milano Bicocca–  ENEA 
Funded by: Fondazione Cariplo