CREIAMO_Project team advances in the biosurfactant synthesis

Prof. Andrea Franzetti, Dr. Alif Chebbi and Massimiliano Tazzari, members of the microDISAT, Research Group of the Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Milano – Bicocca, Italy, are part of the team of researchers who are making progress in the biosurfactant synthesis using winery residues for potential applications to treat hydrocarbon-contaminated soils. These recent advances will be presented in the Workshop SiCON 2020 Rome, February 12-14 Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.

CREIAMO_Project: Circular Economy in olive oil and wine sectors. Valorisation of by-products and residues through innovative processes and new business models.  Partner: University of Brescia  – University of Milano Bicocca–  ENEA 
Funded by: Fondazione Cariplo